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Greetings!  I am a bit late to put this out there because it is a big commitment, but since I will be following the discipleship journal reading plan to read through the Bible in a year, I have also decided to blog my thoughts (big or small), questions, etc, as I read along.  This reading plan starts in 4 different places, Genesis, Psalms, Matthew, and Acts, with readings from each section every day.  I won’t be blogging through every reading, but will try to pick at least one a day as the Lord lays subjects on my heart.

If any of you would like to read along, the reading plan is available at http://www.navpress.com/uploadedFiles/15074%20BRP.dj.pdf

This morning, I was reading about the creation and the fall of mankind in Genesis.  The temptation of Eve is much more than a tragic story, it shows the pattern of sin that has been repeating for thousands of years, and which you and I still fall into all to frequently.

The Cycle of sin goes as follows in Genesis 3.

Temptation (Desire)

1) questioning the revealed will of God: v. 1 the serpent questions “did God actually say”

2) rationalization: v.6 Eve rationalizes her disobedience, but thinking about the aesthetic and nourishing properties of the forbidden fruit, and its promise to give wisdom.  (after all, how could something so good looking, and with such power properties really be that bad)

3) Consumation: v.6 she takes and eats the fruit and gives some to Adam also

Just as temptation has a cycle of questioning what we know to be true, rationalizing our choices and then finally giving in, there is a cycle of consequence as demonstrated in the chapter.

1) The immediate effect of their sin is that Adam and Even felt shame v.6

2) Estrangement from God – the dynamic their peaceful, joyful communion with God is broken

3)fear v.9  The couple hides from God out of fear of his presence where once there was perfect harmony

4)blame-shifting v12.  Adam blames eve for his action, and she blames the serpent.  When we are caught in sin we naturally look for someone or something else to blame, shifting responsibility for our own actions.

5) Consequences: v.14 and following  Sin has consequences.  It is something that we put out of our minds when we are back in the temptation phase

The final part of this cycle of sin is the need for intervention from someone who can actually help.  In v.21 the Lord himself makes garments for Adam and Eve.  This is an act of grace.

We need to remind each other of this cycle of sin as brothers and sisters who love each other.  We must consistently expose the lies of the Devil that we will be happier if we follow his way.  We must speak the truth to each other, and always remember that we can lean on God’s grace in the midst of temptation, knowing that he has the power to see us through victoriously.  Secondly, when we fall into sin, we must not try to run and hide from God (what a futile thing to do), but run to him for the forgiving grace that is available to all who put their trust in him.