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I don’t know about you, but for most of my life, if I were asked to define meekness, I would probably look at my shoes, and browse through my mental catalog, knowing it’s gotta be somewhere near humility, maybe combined with some sort of wussiness.

I think the reason some of us find it hard to define meekness is that it is a word that we just don’t use on a day to day basis.  Perhaps, that’s also because it is a trait we do not practice or see practiced on a regular basis in our culture.

In Matthew 5:5, Jesus says “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth”

I think the key to understanding meekness is in Jesus formula throughout this section usually called “the beatitudes”.  He says those who mourn will be comforted, those who hunger will be filled, etc.  He is basically saying that these present conditions for which we are blessed will be totally reversed in his Kingdom.

So, if we want to learn what meekness is, we must answer the question, what is the reverse of inheriting the whole earth?  I submit that it is giving up the right to what we possess now.  It is not being a wuss, or a pushover, but having the strength NOT to claim all that may be due to you now because ultimately the whole world is your possession.

Jesus is the ultimate example of meekness, as he set aside what were his due rights,  and didn’t cling and claim all the rights and privileges he had as God, but gave them up to serve us, with full knowledge of the future kingdom he would inherit.

There is tremendous blessing promised to those who are meek.  Register that against the things that you are grasping onto so dearly and they will pale in comparison.