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This is my blog, but what I have to write today is not mine.  It is a quote from the end of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon that stopped me like a bullet as I read.  From C.H.S: delivered Feb. 6 1887

“Our esteemed Brother, Mr. Lockhart, tells a story of one of his members, of the name of Carey – a royal name that!  She was very sick and near to die, but she expressed a desire to live, at which he was somewhat astonished, for he knew her to be so well prepared to depart.  She wished to stay here a while for a good and laudable reason.  There was one thing which she could see here on earth – which she could not see in Heaven – and she wished to remain here to see it again and again.  “What is that?” Mr. Lockhart asked. “It is the tear of repentance on the sinner’s cheek.  I want to see a great many more of those before I go Home.”  And so do I.  O my unconverted Hearers, I would willingly stay out of Heaven to weep for you till you weep for sin!  To see tears of repentance in all your eyes would be a Heave to me!

My Brothers and Sisters around me would be willing to wait, also, even until Jesus comes, if we could, by our waiting, help to give you repentance.  Tears of repentance bedewing the cheeks of sinners are the diamonds of angels and the jewels of saints! …may Jesus see these tears and speak peace to repenting hearts. Poor sinners!  We would stay out of Heaven for such as you, even as Jesus came out of Heaven for such as you!  Believe on the one appointed Saviour and enter into eternal life – and we will dwell in Heaven together!  The Lord grant it.  Amen.”


All I can add to this is my own repentance for being as unaffected as I too often am, by the thousands perishing around me every day, or for ever caring for an instant if some few hundreds who may hear me preach think that I am clever or funny, and not see Christ as glorious, gracious, and mighty to save even such as I.  Lord expand my perception of the seriousness and finality of eternity, and let me rejoice for the glory I await and weep for those who do not yet know this.