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Recently my family has had some injuries come through the home that have left myself and my wife unable to do much.  We have a good support group around us to help with what we can’t do, but sometimes, in a most unexpected way, God chooses to encourage the admittedly fainthearted, with just a taste (even literally) of his goodness.

It’s amazing sometimes just how far God goes, when He chooses to bless you through His people.  (For our grace giver, you know who you are) 

None of us can thank Him or you enough for the gifts of food, and money, which were both knocked us over with how much you overflowed in giving.  For a while we were looking at the banquet in front of us in stunned awe at all you had prepared for us! (Then we did some serious eating).

The greatest gift, though, wasn’t turkey, or pierogis, or money.  All of these things are like concentrated love.  They are physical representations of your love for Chirst, and for us, which are the displays of the love and grace of God for all His people.

If you are reading this today and have someone on your heart who is struggling and want to bless, then don’t push that aside.  Bring a hot casserole in the name of Jesus to your friends and neighbours.

We give food because we need food to live.  The reason we need food to live is a reminder that we need God to live.  So let your delight in God overflow into a heart that loves to give, and not out of duty, but because it is our delight to act like our Father who gives generously to His people, and to the end of the Earth!